TIGA notes pitfalls

All is not 'rosy'

Games trade body TIGA has decided to stand by comments made on the state of the industry to various media sources. The organisation pointed out the big problems still facing smaller developers, despite a Screen Digest report demonstrating rising sales success.

Their comments came under-fire from various parts of the industry, keen to present a broader picture of success to the mass media – whom ELSPA (the European trade body comprised from most of the big games publishers) recently noted are all too keen to cease upon negative gaming stories.

"It's no secret that the development community is having a hard time," commented TIGA CEO Fred Hasson, talking to industry weekly MCV. "Retail may be doing well and UK publishing is precarious, but in the UK there are some positive signs, particularly from the likes of SCI and Eidos. But the backbone of the UK industry is development and TIGA can't pretend that all is rosy in the garden."

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