Far Cry 4 to be set in the Himalayas

Rumours confirmed by an anonymous source

More details have appeared on the as-yet-unannounced Far Cry 4.

Sources have confirmed to Eurogamer that the rumours floating around suggesting that Far Cry 4 is set in the Himalayas are true.

They've also managed to obtain an indication of when Ubisoft are hoping to release the game. It looks like far Cry 4 will be released some time before the end of March 2015. Far Cry 4 to be set in the Himalayas

The game will follow a similar structure to Far Cry 3 with hunting the local wildlife featuring as a part of the gameplay mechanic as well as the opportunity to ride elephants.

The source suggested that the game is definitely headed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There's no indication of current-gen versions at this point.

Ubisoft is yet to coment on the rumours.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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