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Halo 5 image leaked, 343 accelerating development

Halo 5 looks like it will use the Xbox Cloud

A new image that claims to be of Halo 5 has appeared on the net at the same time as 343 Industries is showing signs that they are ramping up development.

The studio is advertising for a number of vacancies to work on the “future of Halo” including sound designer, five software engineers, a gameplay engineer, a multiplayer level designer, a specialist in test and a conceptual artist.

It looks like that Halo 5 will be taking advantage of the Xbox Cloud as several of the vacancies are looking for experience with Microsoft's Azure cloud framework. Halo 5 image leaked, 343 accelerating development

Microsoft has already promised a Halo game this year but the rumour mill seems to suggest that it will be Halo 2 Anniversary Edition that sees release this year rather than Halo 5.

Thanks GamerFuzion.

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