2K detail Borderlands

User-generated content at the heart of new FPS

We learnt yesterday that Borderlands is the new sandbox action title heading to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 from Gearbox, and we today learn that 2K Games are publishing this new action outing from the makers of Brothers in Arms.

Borderlands promises to be just the first installment of a major sci-fi action franchise, offering top-notch combat from a first-person perspective, coupled with player customisation and vehicles. Lashings of user-generated content is the order of the day, making for 'near-endless' variety, we're told.

"By utilizing revolutionary new technology to create thousands of unique, randomly generated missions, weapons and situations, Borderlands will raise the bar for next gen action games," beamed 2K's Christoph Hartmann.

Borderlands will support up to four-players co-operatively, and will allow players to join and leave bouts on a whim. A release in winter 2008 looks likely. More soon.

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