BioShock could have been 'tropical'

Early version had Nazis, too

Speaking to CVG, BioShock senior designer Joe McDonagh reveals that the critically acclaimed action title was originally set in a tropical setting - before the concept of underwater metropolis Rapture emerged.

McDonagh told the magazine that BioShock was initially set on a tropical island, populated by Nazis. "Every studio has its own dynamic, but we believe that original games require a lot of iteration and sudden changes of direction," the designer explained. "It can be terrifying and ageing at times. But it's impossible to sit down at the start of a project and say this game will be XYZ and it will be fun."

BioShock is released in little over a week in PAL regions, on the Xbox 360 and PC, and the reception has so far been rapturous, several reviews exclaiming that 2K's opus is the saviour of the FPS genre, a reason alone to buy the Xbox 360 and one of the finest games ever. BioShock could have been 'tropical'

We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

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