Blacklight: Retribution developer 'scared' by free-to-play

Gerritzen warns of a "dark road" of microtransactions

Jared Gerritzen, director at Blacklight: Retribution developer Zombie Studios has voiced his fears over the free-to-play business model.

Gerritzen does believe that free-to-play can be done well but the balance should lean towards gameplay over inserting microtransactions otherwise players will get turned off.

He said, "I feel like there will be a point where games will come out premium and turn free-to-play or turn to microtransactions. And it can be a very bad thing. Free-to-play is great, but it can go down a very dark road.” Blacklight: Retribution developer 'scared' by free-to-play

The “dark road” Gerritzen was talking about has reared its ugly head this year so far with EA's ridiculously mis-handled free-to-play resurrection of PC classic Dungeon Keeper that basically forced players to pay in order to make the game flow at a playable speed.

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