Wii looks to pass Xbox 360 soon

Stats site says Wii could soon be number one

Sales of the Wii console could very soon surpass those of the Xbox 360 - despite Microsoft's year-long lead over the rival system from Nintendo. The latest figures from the VG Chartz website, which claims to use retailer figures from around the globe, estimates that 10.10 million Wii units have been shifted, versus 10.32 million Xbox 360s.

While the figures aren't official, VG Chartz promise to provide "very accurate projections of the latest console sell through figures worldwide". Over-the-counter sales data is used. The Wii's success in Japan seems to be the main driving force - while the 360s failure in the same region sees the console struggling to make up the difference in other regions.

VG Chartz predicts that the PS3 has shifted 4.11 million systems, including 1.08m in Japan, 1.78m in the US and 1.25m elsewhere. The DS, meanwhile, has managed 46.83 million worldwide while the PSP has so far shifted 22.37 million - if you believe the site's number-magic.

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