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Rare: The Xbox One could last 12 years

Microsoft expecting a long and healthy life for their new console

It seems that Microsoft might be aiming for the Xbox One to have a longer life-span than even the Xbox 360.

Speaking about the delay of Kinect Sports Rivals Rare's Danny Isaac believes that the Xbox One could last 12 years and perhaps even longer.

"As we went through E3 and gamescom and looked at the timelines,”Isaac began, “we just weren't comfortable that we were going to give the experience to the consumers that we wanted for ourselves and that the franchise was known for." Rare: The Xbox One could last 12 years

"We made the decision to move out of the window, which is always tough, there's very few opportunities to be there day one, and there’s going to be even fewer going forward,” he continued.

Isaac added, "This console may last 12 years, if not longer. But we got Preseason out, which was good, and it just gave us a little bit more time for the product to stay and cook a little bit more, because really the issue wasn't so much about depth of content. It was, as you see, everyone moves slightly differently, everyone’s homes are set up differently, everyone engages in different ways, and we just weren’t confident that we’d been through enough of that to make sure it was stellar in every situation."

Kinect Sports Rivals will arrive on Xbox One on April the 11th.

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