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Xbox Cloud making Titanfall even better says Respawn

Respawn engineer insists the cloud is real and makes a difference for Titanfall

Respawn has been talking about how the Xbox Cloud is used for Titanfall and how it enhanced the game.

Speaking on Major Nelson's podcast Respawn engineer Jon Shiring explained to cloud sceptics that the cloud is real and is providing tangible benefits for Titanfall players on Xbox One.

“I know that the internet is very sceptical that this is real. Hopefully less so now that Titanfall is out and they realize that they really are playing on these servers out there,” Shiring began. Xbox Cloud making Titanfall even better says Respawn

“There’s a lot of things we’re doing in this that’s really different from how any other game has done it before,” he explained. “In the traditional model of dedicated servers is you go to your server and that is your home base. One of the key things that is interesting about the Xbox Live Compute that runs on Azure is that they’ve commodotised servers so much, that we just don’t care.”

“I can ask for a server, use it for 10 seconds, and then go like, ‘ah we don’t need it anymore’ and throw it out,” Shiring continued. “We bounce people around server to server, and so you’re hitting a lot of different servers and that let’s us do cool things.”

“So,” he added, “there’s been a lot of interesting changes because of that idea that’s gone through everything from matchmaking and skill and how we do the training in the beginning of the game and all these things.”

Titanfall is out now on PC and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 version is due out on March 25th in North America and March 28th in Europe and the UK.

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