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Sony unveils their VR headset, Project Morpheus

Device still a prototype though

The rumour mill has come up good again with Sony unveiling their new VR headset at the GDC this week.

In a presentation entitled 'Driving the Future of Innovation' Sony lifted the lid on Project Morpheus their new VR headset for the PlayStation 4.

Shuhei Yoshida explained that Project Morpheus is the "culmination of our work over the last three years to realize our vision of VR for games, and to push the boundaries of play." Sony unveils their VR headset, Project Morpheus

Sony Magic Lab's Richard Marks, the architect of the project along with the Eyetoy and PS Move said, "The thing that makes VR special is really the feeling of being in another place... there's no way to explain it to you that will make sense, but it's that feeling of presence. VR is going to be pervasive, and what I mean by that is it's going to be used for all sorts of things you might not think it would be used for."

"We have seen passionate people at Oculus VR and Valve introduce VR prototypes and share their learnings,” Yoshida-san added. “I have an enormous amount of respect for them. This shows how all of us as an industry can rally around a new medium like VR to push gaming forward."

Morpheus is still in prototype form at the minute so there's no news on when Sony will be bringing the device to market.

Thanks The Verge.

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