id confident over power of Tech 5

Nix speaks of "paradigm shift"

Speaking in a new interview with UK gaming tome, id Software's Steve Nix has spoken of the challenge facing id's Tech 5 engine from other middleware solutions, like Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

Despite fierce competition in the third-party technology market, the id man says that his team always remain focussed on their own product, not other peoples, and he is confident that John Carmack's latest invention will prove sufficiently alluring to other developers to earn id new engine customers.

While there are other competitors, then, Nix describes Tech 5's use of virtualised textures as a "paradigm shift" that is sure to catch the eye. He also believes Tech 5 will offer the most solid multi-platform solution.

"What's really unique is that when an artist builds an asset they don't know what they're building it for. They build the exact same model, the exact same level, and it doesn't matter what platform they're putting it on. That's a huge breakthrough."

Tech 5 will support Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and Mac. Nix also dismissed the suggestion that id will need to undercut the Unreal Engine 3 in order to compete, stating that pricing had yet to be determined by that id were confident no business would be lost based on price.

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