Arnie battles for Californian game age ratings

Federal Judge blocks law

Californian Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has promised to battle a federal judge's decision to block the law he passed in 2005 to prohibit the selling or renting of violent videogames to youngsters. Game industry groups had managed to see the law blocked on constitutional grounds, previously.

Arnie's 2005 bill required that game makers apply an 18 certification to violent titles, with fines of 1,000 USD in place to stop retailers selling or renting such games to minors. US District Judge Ronald Whyte permanently blocked the law on Monday, however, stating that he found insufficient evidence linking violent games to violent behaviour in minors.

"I signed this important measure to ensure that parents are involved in determining which video games are appropriate for their children," the governor said in a statement. "Many of these games are made for adults, and choosing games that are appropriate for kids should be a decision made by their parents."

Similar bills to that attempted in California have been stopped on constitutional grounds previously. More soon.

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