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Japan sees upsurge in PS3 sales

Weekly sales double

Japanese sales of the PlayStation 3 console have picked-up in the last week, much to the joy of Sony no doubt, sales hitting 28,829 for the week - compared to a number roughly half this in the week before. The Xbox 360, meanwhile, was left languishing on about 4,000 sales.

The Wii, meanwhile, still leads the field, with sales of 77,000, with the DS also doing well on 35,000. The PSP is also up, matching the DS also on 35,000 units sold, while the PS2 is still comfortably out-gunning the Xbox 360 at 12,000.

Mario Party 8 was Japan's top-selling game of the week on 265,000 copies sold, with Hot Shots Golf 5 for the PS3 following with 152,000.

It's a Wonderful Life, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, GTA: Liberty City Stories and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion also join the Japanese top ten this week. More as we get it.

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