Dead Pixel reveals Metroid Prime-inspired Wii U exclusive Sync

The game should be ready to hit the Wii U eShop later this year

Dead Pixel has unveiled their latest game and it's an interesting Wii U exclusive called Sync.

The game is a first person game about exploration and discovery and draws its inspiration Retro Studios' Metroid Prime trilogy.

Dead Pixel said of the title, “Sync is clearly inspired by Metroid Prime, however the game is very different as well. The biggest difference is the kind of immersion Sync will make players feel. Metroid Prime did a GREAT job at making players feel like they were on an alien planet, destroying alien scum.” Dead Pixel reveals Metroid Prime-inspired Wii U exclusive Sync

“Sync is actually the opposite,” they continued. “Players will be exploring a world devoid of life. Everything is clean and organized. Enemy characters move through specific paths, etc. The control scheme of game is also very different. The game will follow the regular dual analog first person shooter scheme rather than Metroid Prime’s 'stop, scan, lock, shoot' method.”

Sync has only been in development for two weeks but the prototype is already shaping up rather nicely. Dead Pixel is aiming to show with Sync that they can produce a triple-A quality title without requiring the triple-A level budgets.

Dead Pixel is aiming to have sync ready for release on the Wii U's eShop by the end of the year.

Thanks Nintendo Enthusiast.

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