Seth Killian no longer at Sony Santa Monica

Fighting games expert leaves Sony to go indie

Seth Killian, the man behind PlayStation Allstars has revealed that he has left Sony's Santa Monica Studios.

Killian joined Santa Monica Studio from Capcom where he was heavily involved in them reviving the Street Fighter series with Street Fighter IV. A source at SMS originally revealed the news to Siliconera. Killian later took to Twitter to confirm the news himself with a hint at what he's up to next.

“Hi guys,” he wrote, “I chose to leave my Sony family back in Dec + on great terms. I was inspired by their amazing indies to do my own thing.” Seth Killian no longer at Sony Santa Monica

He added, “You’ll see the games I had the privilege to work on at Sony soon–SMS has a STELLAR lineup coming. As for what I’m up to, stay tuned…”

Thanks Siliconera.

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