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Bungie explain Halo 3 co-op poser

Technical difficulties blamed

Having previously stated that online co-op play might not be included in the final release of eagerly-awaited FPS Halo 3, Bungie have been explaining why the ambiguity in their latest weekly update.

"Online co-op is a feature we're wrestling with somewhere," writes Frank O'Connor. "As we approach the tail end of development, we will have a clearer picture of whether or not that online feature will be included. Assuming either way would be foolish at this time. We will say more when we feel it's prudent."

O'Connor further explains that it's all about technical challenges. "The challenge of getting our complicated AI systems, huge game world, and gargantuan encounters neatly packaged and transferring across the Interwebz is a mythic undertaking," he tells us. Bungie explain Halo 3 co-op poser

In the update, Bungie also reveal the Covenant energy sword, WETA's Warthog from the short film, and their attempts to track down the world's biggest Halo fan. More as we get it.

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