Titanfall unlikely to see new Titans added as DLC

Each Titan was a "huge undertaking"

It seems that Respawn probably won't be adding more Titans to Titanfall as part of the planned DLC for the game.

The studio's community manager, Abbie Heppe, explained that a huge amount of work went in to creating the game's Titans and making sure it play was well balanced so adding a new one would be a colossal undertaking.

“In order to [add a Titan] it takes so much balancing to make all the Titan abilities work with each other, and then against pilots,” Heppe explained. “It’s a huge undertaking. Originally we just had the Atlas titans and then the team refused to add in the rest of the Titans until we were all sure that that one fitted perfectly with everything else in the game.” Titanfall unlikely to see new Titans added as DLC

Titanfall is out now on PC and Xbox One in both Europe and North America. The Xbox 360 version of the game is due out on March 25th in North America and March 28th in Europe.

Thanks IGN.

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