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PS3 sales soar with price cut

Sales have 'doubled' since Monday

Sony boss Jack Tretton has told the watchful industry that the PS3 price cut of 100 USD, initiated in North America on Monday, has already resulted in a doubling of sales.

The 60gb system is now available for 499 USD, and Tretton, speaking at Sony's E3 briefing, stated that sales had shot up at five major US retailers. "Since Monday, sales of the 60GB PS3 have doubled at our top five retailers," the boss explained.

Sony told E3 attendees that they hope to ship 11 million PS3 systems by the end of 2008. Despite this early boost, many commentators are doubtful that the 100 USD cut will have a long-term impact on sales. Indeed, some experts have suggested a far larger cut may be needed if the PlayStation is to regain mass market leadership.

Word on PAL region price cuts is expected tomorrow. More soon.

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