Oblivion gets GOTY outing

Coming in September

Bethesda kick-off their E3 showing in style this week, confirming ahead of the Santa Monica event that a special Game of the Year edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is on the way. PS3, Xbox 360 and PC GOTY offerings will be released this September.

The new pack will include the original title, expansion pack The Shivering Isles, and content pack Knights of the Nine. The critically-acclaimed RPG was first released in April 2006 on the PC and Xbox 360, with the PS3 following this year - as players escape prison to find their land over-run with demonic creatures.

The epic adventure and story was furthered by the expansion pack and certainly offered players plenty of first-rate role-playing to get their teeth into. More over, Oblivion follows in the footsteps of predecessor The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which also garnered a GOTY release.

Quite what PS3 owners of Oblivion will make of having to buy the full game again to get their hands-on the expansion pack for their newly acquired title remains to been... not best pleased, perhaps?

More from Bethesda soon.

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