Xbox gets Island Thunder

New Ghost Recon title later this year

Publisher Ubi Soft are set to deliver the Xbox it's first 'campaign' disc, in the shape of Island Thunder, a stand-alone title, based on the recently released Ghost Recon. The new game will be out in the third-quarter of this year.

Those purchasing the new 'campaign' disk are being promised access to exclusive downloadable content in the future. The new game includes: a dozen game types and 12 multiplayer maps for Xbox Live play (the 'shared battlefield' of the original), including 4 maps from the first ghost Recon.

"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is one of our most popular games on Xbox Live and has everyone going wild!" gushed Microsoft’s Michel Cassius. "With Xbox Live, gamers can download exciting new content like, missions and maps, injecting new energy into gameplay, and keeping games like this fresh and engaging."

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