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Star Citizen funding passes 40 million USD

Two mysterious star systems added to the game's universe

Chris Roberts' return to game development has passed the 40 million USD crowd-funding mark.

The 40 million USD stretch goal is the addition of two new star systems for the game's players to explore, the Kabal system and the Oretani system.

The Kabal system is a bit of a mystery as Kabal III is home to the ruins of an unknown Tevarin colony resplendent with ruined cities and a cache of Tevarin war machines some of which had been made in the last ten years. Star Citizen funding passes 40 million USD

The Oretani system was discovered in the 25th century but the only jump point in the system collapsed stranding the terraforming teams in the system. Decades later no-one knows if the terraforming crews survived on not or if the system's one-and-only jump point will open up again.

For more information and the opportunity to fund Star Citizen head over to the Roberts Space Industries website

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