Fullbright Company's Gone Home coming to consoles

Game was designed to be played on the sofa from the start

Fullbright Company has announced that they will be bringing their hit PC game Gone Home to consoles.

Studio co-founder Steve Gaynor revealed that they had designed Gone Home to be experienced on the couch from the very beginning and are trying to create the best possible experience for the platforms they're bringing the game to.

Gaynor said, “We designed Gone Home from the beginning to be a couch experience. There are Trophies and there [are] Achievements, but there's also new features with the new consoles. The PS4 is about sharing, for instance.” Fullbright Company's Gone Home coming to consoles

He also gave an indication as to what they're working on next. “We are not working on a sequel [to Gone Home],” Gaynor added. “We’re currently doing very early days on what our next game is. I can say it won’t be Gone Home 2, but I can also sat it’ll be us continuing to explore the kind of interactive experiences we started with Gone Home. And then seeing what our next step is, so we don’t repeat ourselves.”

Thanks IGN.

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