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PS3 'whipping boy' for press

Resistance dev feels the heat

Speaking to GameDaily, Insomniac's Ted Price explains that he believes the PlayStation 3 has become a "whipping boy" for the press, but that this unenviable title derives from Sony's market leadership status.

The PlayStation 3, and Sony in general, have certainly not been the media darlings they once were, with The Register recently publishing a list of five things Sony need to do in order to 'save' themselves, including the all-important "learn to be cool again".

"I think the PS3 has become the whipping boy for the press, quite honestly. I think everyone just wants to fill it full of arrows because Sony's had some pretty amazing success over the years," Price commented. "And it's easy to overlook that it's been, I think, the fastest-selling PlayStation console. I think it's human nature to want to take down the guy on top, and Sony has definitely gotten its share of... mud... but it's unfortunate."

Price is understandably concerned, given his own developer's release - Resistance: Fall of Man - being 'synonymous' with the new console. He remains upbeat about the Christmas ahead, however, pointing to his developer's new Ratchet & Clank title. More soon.

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