ESRB warns publishers over game trailers

Board cracks down on 'excessive' trailers

With Manhunt 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man's Manchester Cathedral tussle putting gaming in the public eye more than ever, industry body's like ELSPA and the ESRB seem to be doing their utmost to appear as responsible as possible, with game makers under media scrutiny. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that the ESRB is looking to ensure game trailers respect age ratings, the board revealing that it has warned two publishers over trailer content.

"Since 2005, ARC guidelines have required that trailers for M-rated games on publisher websites be displayed behind an age gate to help restrict viewing to those visitors who are 17 and older," stated Patricia Vance, explaining the ESRB's role. "Game publishers are also required to use best efforts with respect to ensuring the presence of age gates on third party websites that display their M-rated game trailers."

"If a third party site insists on carrying a trailer for an M-rated game without placing it behind an age gate, our guidelines require the publisher to request that such trailer be removed and/or provide an edited version of the trailer to be used in its place." ESRB warns publishers over game trailers

D3 Publisher recently revealed that two official Dark Sector gameplay montages had been deemed offensive, with the publisher requesting the trailer be pulled 'immediately'. Other reports suggest that 2K Games were the other publisher approached and warned, over a trailer for The Darkness. Even with age gates, the ESRB is urging publishers to strictly control the content in trailers, the ratings board clearly keen to avoid the watchful eyes of the mainstream media.More on this soon.

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