Molyneux: Free-to-play's obsessive greed must cease

Fable creator hoping to introduce a new way to monetize free-to-play games

Peter Molyneux has called for an end to what the industry's desire to fleece gaming consumers for all they've got.

The Populous and Fable creator insisted that the games industry must stop being so greedy with its consumers and he hopes to usher in a new era of more responsible monetization of free-to-play games.

Molyneux explains, “We cannot continue to be obsessively greedy with our consumers, grooming children for hundreds of pounds from their parents’ accounts.” Molyneux: Free-to-play's obsessive greed must cease

“I hate the term ‘free-to-play’, and I hate the way the model is burning through our consumers and the tender shoots of new gamers,” he went on. “I think the world is ready for a new way to approach that whole angle. What we’re doing with Godus is ‘invest-to-play’. When players spend money, whatever they receive must feel like an investment not a cheat – that feels like a more responsible way of monetising free games.”

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