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BBFC defends Manhunt 2 UK 'ban'

Ratings board defends decision

The BBFC ratings board is this evening defending its move to effectively prevent the release of Manhunt 2 in the UK, after announcing today that the game was deemed too violent to earn a certification. The board has denied there was any political influence in this decision, despite controversy surround the game prior to launch, not to mention the link the media made between the original Manhunt and the murder of Stefan Pakeerah.

At the time of the frenzy surrounding the Pakeerah murder, Manhunt was at the forefront of press attention, with ELSPA defending the games industry from an onslaught in the mainstream press, when director general Roger Bennett was challenged by Pakeerah's parents on national television.

Sue Clark, BBFC representative, told UK trade site GamesIndustry.biz that this past storm did not influence the board's decision to refuse a rating. BBFC defends Manhunt 2 UK 'ban'

"We are independent of government and independent of the industry and we reached this decision based on our guidelines and our concerns and not on any other basis at all," she explained.

"We've rejected this game so you can't buy it legally in the UK," Clark added. "We have to make a decision. If we feel it's not appropriate for classification then we have to make that decision - we can't classify it and hope nobody notices it."

More on this controversy as we get it, as the debate surrounding the game looks set to continue.

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