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Plundr for DS uses Wi-Fi positioning

New York developer planning unique strategy title

An innovative new DS game from fledgling game developer area/code enters the gaming news arena today, and it goes by the ominous title of 'Plundr'.

Plundr promises to use your real-world location as part of the gameplay experience, placing 'islands' on an interactive streetmap which you must travel to. The game is a trading-strategy title about pirates, and you'll need to visit these real-world islands to trade booty, battle rivals and pilfer from merchant ships.

The new title has already attracted some interest for area/code, a New York based developer previously responsible for games including ConQuest, PacManhattan, and Big Urban Game. Plundr is already available for laptop based PC users, though launch plans for this DS version presently remain sketchy at best.

More soon.

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