XNA design competition is go

Community competition launched

Microsoft is inviting budding game designers to enter their new XNA Game Development Competition, with 5,000 GBP worth of prizes up for grabs. The theme is 'Ocean Odyssey', and game enthusiasts from multiple disciplines are invited to submit their creations in a number of categories.

Artwork, Music and Gameplay (coding) are the three categories in which people can enter, with entrees to the first two categories seeing their work used in the final category - which will actually see a game or two being made. The competition is of course designed to highlight the power of the XNA development platform, which can aid even bedroom coders in creating their own games for the Xbox 360.

The competition is open now, with the art and sound categories closing on the 12th of June. The Gameplay part of the competition will open on the 15th of June, and coders will be getting 48 hours to build the mandatory game elements that will be announced on that day. Judging will take place on the 27th of June, with winners of all categories announced the following week.

Interested designers can find out more or enter via the official site.

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