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First multiplayer DLC revealed for Killzone: Shadow Fall

New Insurgent player class coming along with Elite difficulty for single-player

Guerilla Games has revealed the first bundle of premium downloadable content that will be released for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The Insurgent Pack adds a very long list of new stuff for Killzone: Shadow Fall beginning with a whole new player class The Insurgent with two new abilities, hack and steal. Part of this is Insurgent personalisation pack which includes a new OWL skin, three spotlight moves and a voice-over pack containing both VSA and Helghast chatter lines.

There's three new abilities - E-Pulse Emitter, Tachtical Echo Emitter and Guard Drone – and three new weapons in the M82 assault rifle from Killzone 2 and 3, L512 SMG Pistol and the Sta14 Sniper Rifle. First multiplayer DLC revealed for Killzone: Shadow Fall

It also adds a new online collectibles mode, new challenges and trophies and the new Elite difficulty mode for single-player adding a new level of challenge to the game.

The full details of the new pack are available over on the PlayStation Blog.

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