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Folklore en route from Sony

New adventure in the offing for PS3

Sony have revealed plans to deliver a brand new Game Republic fantasy-adventure title, being produced by Yoshiki Okamoto, most famous for previous titles including Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. Titled Folklore the new game is a PS3 exclusive that will blend western fairy tales with Japanese fantasy gameplay.

Folklore is set in the mysterious town of Doolin, where two strangers, Keats and Ellen, are trying to uncover a mysterious legend in a remote village that resides "on the border between dreams and reality." Perhaps inevitably, the town is a gateway to the realms of fantasy, and we're duly promised creatures, spirits and monsters. In order to solve the mystery of the town, and their past, the pair must journey through these worlds and uncover various fantastical secrets.

Seven rich realms are promised, from the Undersea City to the mazes of Endless Corridor, and it sounds like Game Republic are really letting their imaginations run wild. A cast of over 100 NPCs are promised - from monsters to friends, and players will be using the SIXAXIS controller to literally shake and yank foes into submission.

Each main character has their own back story and unique 'path', and we're told we'll be able to choose who to control at the outset, with both plots interweaving and impacting each other. More on Folklore as Sony deem us worthy.

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