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Sony confirm PAIN for PS3

PS3 Store release planned for winter

Sony Computer Entertainment America have today confirmed yet another new title for the PlayStation 3 console - the imaginatively titled PAIN. The game is said to be an 'action comedy' based around physics, and is seemingly aimed at the teenage market. The title will be released online via the PS3 Store in time for the festive season.

Taking 'Jack Ass' style escapades onto the theoretical next level, PAIN will see you utilising a man-size slingshot to launch yourself into a city at high-speed, the aim being to cause as much damage to yourself and the as much panic amid the populous as possible. Various ragdoll physics technologies have been applied, and you'll be able to pull certain moves in-flight as you bounce around the highly interactive environments.

Various co-operative and competition modes will feature online, and modes such as Spank the Monkey, Mime Toss and HORSE are planned. I kid you not. action replays will of course be saved for sharing online, and there will even be various rankings available.

No price has been offered as yet. More soon.

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