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Battleblock Theater heading to Steam, closed beta coming soon

The beta is planned for the end of March

The Behemoth has announced that they are bringing their latest piece of video game silliness, Battleblock Theater to a PC near you via Steam.

Battleblock Theater has been around on the Xbox 360 for a wee while and The Behemoth has decided that PC version would be pretty cool. First though they're having a wee closed beta which will run from the 24th to the 31st of March to make sure everything works the way it should before launch.

If you're not familiar with Battleblock Theater, it's a puzzle platformer where player navigate an array of dangerous levels ruled over by a race of sadistic cats. The game offers single player and co-op multiplayer as well as a rather nifty level editor for players to create and share their own diabolical levels. Battleblock Theater heading to Steam, closed beta coming soon

The PC version will include a few additional features like weapon switching, new Cat Guard enemies in Story Mode, Steam Workshop integration for the level editor and Steam Inventory integration so players can sell items like prisoners, weapons, gems and yarn via Steam.

You can sign up for the Steam beta over on The Behemoth's website.

Oh, and there's a a trailer too, which is pant-wettingly hilarious (above).

Thanks Strategy Informer.

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