EA Sports UFC to feature full body deformation and, y'know, men beating each other repeatedly

Due out in Spring 2014

EA Sports Andrew Wilson and UFC's Dana White came up on stage to talk at EA's pre-E3 press conference up EA Sports UFC.

This will be the first fighting game to feature full-body deformation so that players will see the shock waves of every kick and punch ripple through the body or the twist of a leg in submission hold.

Another big feature will be the Real Damage system. This is designed to more accurately reflect the kind of damage that is taken in the Octagon where one well-timed punch or kick can send an opponent reeling and even knock them out cold.

Dead Richards from EA Sports said, “We are very excited to deliver the most realistic fighting experience ever achieved. With a talented and experienced team at the helm, and powered by EA Sports Ignite, we’ve created a gameplay feature set for EA Sports UFC where every fighter, every strike, every takedown and submission will bring you inside the Octagon like no game ever has before.”

EA Sports are taking their time to make sure that their UFC game is the best that it can be so we won't be seeing it as a launch title for either of the next-gen consoles.

It is due out in the Spring of 2014 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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