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EVE Online: The Second Decade Collector's Edition out today

150 USD special edition comes with a mountain of goodies

CCP has launched a brand new limited edition of their long-running MMO EVE Online to celebrate it moving into its second decade.

EVE Online: The Second Decade will feature a whole bunch of special physical and digital content that will celebrate the continued success of the game and give fans something a little bit special to enjoy.

The physical benefits include at Rifter four-port USB hub modelled on the iconic EVE Online ship, Into the Second Decade illustrate hardback book chronicling the game's growth across its 20 expansions, The Danger Game Board Game that was created by CCP back in 1998 which helped fund the initial development of EVE Online and the EVE Symphony CD which features the live performance by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra during this year's EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik.

Digital content includes the CCP Mystery Code which grants player a PLEX which can be exchanged for a month of gameplay time or sold in-game, the exclusive Phanca Cybernetic Arm for EVE Online characters and the Templar Mark II Prototype fighter for use in next year's release EVE: Valkyrie.

It also features the Golden Pod exclusive capsule skin for EVE Online, Gnosis Blueprint exclusive five-run blueprint of the10th anniversary Society Of Conscious Thought's battlecruiser, the Time Capsule which includes 25 items based on classic EVE Lore from the past 10 years, a new skin for the Amarr Magnate frigate, a selection of exclusive clothing items for both male and female pilots and powerful Amarr weapons and a collection of Templar dropsuits for Dust 514 on the PS3.

EVE Online: The Second Decade Collector's Edition is available on the EVE Store and Amazon for 149.99 EUR/USD.