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Housemarque plans a long life for PS4 shooter Resogun

As long as ten years

Housemarque has been talking about the future and the plans that they have for their excellent PS4 launch title Resogun.

The arcade shooter specialists claim to have long-term plans for Resogun which is a modern re-imagining of the arcade classic Defender.

"It's between half a year and ten years", explains Housemarque's Mikael Haveri. "Imagine this though, if you like premise and concept of Resogun, we have voxels so we can pretty much do anything. We can do variations and do small tweaks or we can go completely out of it and start with anything, because it's like a lego world and you can just build anything you want. So I think that's beauty of it." Housemarque plans a long life for PS4 shooter Resogun

He went on, "We wanted to first of all have the shooter for the next generation. And I think to some degree we've established that. But we'd now like to continue from there and I think that's where the beauty of it lies. You never know what's out there."

Housemarque haven't really put a foot wrong in recent times with the Super Stardust series and now Resogun. We hope the PS4 shooter will have a long and happy life and it will be interesting to see where the studio will go next.

If you haven't played Resogun yet jump over and read our review of the game to see what it's all about.

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