Atlus: Demon's Souls II will not happen

Publisher describes the series' situation as a Gordian Knot

US publisher Atlus has stated quite categorically that Demon's Souls II will not be happening.

The publisher's PR manager, John Harkin, has quashed any ideas that fans may have of seeing a sequel to the game that started off the Souls saga.

"PS Blog Exclusive: can 100% confirm there will NOT be a Demon Souls 2,” he stated on the PlayStation Blog. “From what I’ve heard around the internets, Demon’s Souls is one big Gordian knot." Atlus: Demon's Souls II will not happen

Demon's Souls is a bit of an odd game as it was published by Sony in Japan, Atlus in the US, and Namco Bandai in Europe so getting a possible sequel would certainly require a fair amount of legal wrangling especially with the success of Dark Souls its successor series.

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