US developers top UK retail sales

New top 100 sees Japanese developers falter

A report by Develop Magazine, a UK publication targeting the thriving UK games creation business, has today released an interesting 'top 100' ranking of the world's top game developers based on their sales at UK retail in 2006. The new chart makes for interesting reading, revealing that UK developers actually out-sell Japanese firms in the UK charts, while we also learn that the USA's lead is being cut as developers from rival nations close in.

US developers earned a total of 313 million GBP, followed by UK firms on 231.5 million GBP, Canadian developers accounted for 185.5 million GBP, while the Japanese lag on 172.9 million GBP. Franchises like Need for Speed and FIFA propel EA Canada to the number one developer by UK earnings spot, with EA getting eight studios in the top 100.

Despite Japan falling surprisingly short of the top spot, Nintendo were second overall, thanks to Mario, Zelda and the success of the DS handheld. Traveller's Tales are not only the highest placed British studio, but also the highest independent overall, thanks in the main to the success of Lego Star Wars II.

"The Develop 100 is now established as an essential read amongst developers and publishers the world over, and is a great way to get a feel for the market’s trends," commented Develop editor Michael French. "Whilst the big players retain a massive presence, it’s good news to see that new hardware formats and new IP and ideas continue to drive the business commercially and creatively."

You can browse the full top 100 ranking here, complete with a few pleasant surprises.

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