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Unannounced Sony Santa Monica IP canned, staff laid off

Game may have been too similar to Destiny

It's not all fun and games at Sony at the minute despite the PS4 running rampant in the next-gen console race.

Earlier this week God Of War developer Sony Santa Monica apparently cancelled the unannounced project that was rumoured to be headed up by God Of War III director Stig Asumssen and penned by Battlestar Galactica writer Michael Angeli.

The project was supposedly a sci-fi action game which had been in development in the two and a half years since the release of God Of War III. It also seemingly had the bulk of Sony Santa Monica working on it after God Of War: Ascension wrapped up at the beginning of 2013. Unannounced Sony Santa Monica IP canned, staff laid off

One of the Sony Santa Monica devs laid off as a result of the cancellation, Jonathan Hawkins said on Twitter, "Yesterday, I was laid off. It was a good 10-year run and I got to make three 90+ games. I lived the dream and got to accomplish all of my goals. Except one... making something out of nothing and creating a new AAA IP. Secondly, the pain that I feel for my friends who have lost their jobs. The saddest and most important part is the game I was creating for the player that will never be played. I'm sorry that I've failed you."

The latest rumours suggest that Sony Santa Monica made significant changes to the project when Bungie's Destiny was unveiled, possibly due to similarities between the two projects and maybe even down to the close partnership that Sony has struck up with Destiny's publisher Activision for them to favour PlayStation platforms (reading between the lines here). These changes seemingly signalled the beginning of the end of the project and culminated in the redundancies seen earlier this week.

Sony Santa Monica still do an incredible amount of work as a touchstone for Sony's XDEV programme having produced PS4 versions of indie titles like Flower and Sound Shapes as well as working with many of Sony's indie partners such as Housemarque and The Chinese Room. They also have a next-gen God Of War title on the way for the PS4 under the stewardship of Cory Barlog.

Thanks Joystiq and Rocket Chainsaw.

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