PC Interview


Luke "The Smoke" Guttridge grills Daniel Vavra on his 'Mafia' connections...

Take 2’s Mafia had teased us from afar for some time now, it was time for a bit of insider-information; there was of course only one guy for the job, Luke “the smoke” Guttridge. He went deep into the mob organisation, and returned having grilled Illusion Softworks’ Daniel Vavra…

What is the god-damn premise of Mafia, and to what degree does it draw on real Mafia truths / history, and your own research? I wanna know everythin’…

We wanted to show, what was possible to experience during 30s, so majority of the actions is inspired by reality. All the contemporary artifacts are authentic. But like a movie, everything is compressed and enhanced, for the bigger amusement. Mafia

Wise guy, huh? Where will the game be set, and how realistic will these settings be? Now don’t you be feedin’ me no crap neither…

It’s set in big city called Lost Heaven. Its not a real city, because it would be very hard to recreate NEW YORK of the 30s, but its inspired a lot by cities like New York and Chicago. We tried to catch as many details as possible. So you will find many landmarks, and authentic buildings from 30s. We have a functional elevated railroad system. Each station has its own name, etc.

The game seems to be somethin’ along the lines of a third-person Sim Mafia; how do you fellas getcha info, and what genres of gameplay will combine in this baby?

Its mixture of third-person shooter, a little of adventure and racing, like Driver. Everything is connected with strong storyline, which is very important to us. Mafia

I’m not convinced Vavra! you must take me for a schmuck! What lush visually trickery will be on display and how detailed are these environments in Mafia? You better start talkin’, and fast…

The biggest deal was to pack all the huge amounts of graphic data into memory. Our city is very detailed, we use photographic textures, there are four-hundred different types of buildings etc, so it was a huge problem. Then we added shadows, lighting engine, lip-synching and lot of other visually impressive stuff.

Ok, so what soughta missions is you boys gonna pull in dis’ ‘Mafia’? Mafia

They are very different. From very simple car chases, to assassinations of politicians or bank robberies. There is also a huge shootout on the rooftops and one in a church, during a funeral! Maybe its blasphemous but I like it.

So how do you plan to getaway with it? Will the gangster-movie ambience be something noticeable in the game; and if so, how? Man I love dose’ ol movies…

A lot. We watched almost every gangster movie shot between 1930 and 2001. Then I sat down and wrote a screenplay that has similar atmosphere. There will be about two hours of animations, and hours and hours of voiceovers.

This is gonna be big right? Lemme guess, you got more guys in on it, havencha? What form of gameplay will multiplayer take - will it be more strategic or action-orientated? What styles of game have you includin’ with regard to dis?

Multiplayer is now stopped, until we finish single player. Right now we have only the racing part of the Multiplayer in there.

What cars and weapons you got already?

There are around 60 cars and 10 authentic weapons from knuckledusters, through to Tommy guns and sniper rifles.

Is dare a plot dat’ progresses throughout the singleplayer game? If so, how will it be illustrated?

As I said already, story is very important and we will have lots of movies and dialogues, that will move the plot forward.

Music. You gotta have da rhythm, the era is famous for it’s ditties, will you be attempting to bring the atmosphere of da clubs to the game?

We are working on classic orchestral soundtrack, with few “BIG BAND” songs.

Lastly, how are you boys gonna kick-start da game?

The first mission is frenetic car-chase.

Screw you Vavra, I’ll get more next time!

…And so I left I little more perplexed than when I arrived; I guessed I’d just have to wait for the launch date like every other wiseguy in dis’ crazy town…

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