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Todd Hollenshead of id Software talks out on Doom III

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With a notable silence of late surrounding the progress of id’s seminal Doom III, we thought it best to query head-honcho Todd Hollenshead, to extract the latest on the biggest first-person shooter of next year. Ferrago: Is it a challenge returning to a primarily single-player game, after multiplayer became the focus in your most recent projects? TH: Actually, the designers have really enjoyed it. It's always nice to do something fresh from a creative standpoint. Todd Hollenshead of id Software talks out on Doom III Ferrago: What are aims with Doom III with regard to the first-person genre as a whole? TH: Quite simply, we want Doom III to be the scariest game ever. Ferrago: From what we've seen of Doom III so far, it looks like it's going to have a decidedly chilling ambience. What devices of graphics, sound and storyline are you using to create this experience? TH: The technology is an entirely new paradigm, which is why it stands alone among games with it's visual quality. Dynamic lighting, bump-mapping, real-time 5.1 sound mixing, and realistic physics are what drive the technology. We've hired a professional science fiction novelist to help us with the story. And we've taken a cue from the film industry and story-boarded out the entire game. Todd Hollenshead of id Software talks out on Doom III Ferrago: Can you reveal any of the game's plot to us? Will it evolve via cut-scenes or in-game sequences? TH: I won't go into in detail at this time, but people should think of it as a re-telling of the original Doom. Scripted sequences will be used at certain points (as people who saw the E3 presentation realized with the now famous bathroom scene), and the gameplay itself will be story driven. Ferrago: Will the Doom III experience be a linear one, or more open-ended and free? TH: There is a set story that drives the game, but choices are open to the player which will be critical to playing the game. Todd Hollenshead of id Software talks out on Doom III Ferrago: Tell us a little about the detail of the environments (and the power of the technology as a whole) possible thanks to the new game engine, also, what kind of locales will we be exploring? TH: The environments are really hyper-realistic. The designers are now only limited by their imagination in terms of what they can build within the game. The game is set on Mars itself, and players will see what the UAC looks like before and after the invasion by Hell. Plus we'll have more surprises in store. Ferrago: What provision are you making for multiplayer in the game? TH: The focus is on a terrifying single-player experience. The multiplayer will be a simple, but fun, deathmatch-style game. Todd Hollenshead of id Software talks out on Doom III Ferrago: Any word on the weapons we’ll be using, and what vile beasties we'll be using them against? TH: The E3 presentation shows a pistol, shotgun, and machine gun with Zombies, Commandos, Imps and the Hell Knight. We're still working on the rest and I don't want to talk about anything until we're ready to show it. Ferrago: How large will the game, and it's individual maps be? TH: Number of maps is no longer a relevant question because the number of maps will depend upon how we have to break apart the game to fit into the RAM that we will specify for the minimum system. If everyone had limitless RAM, we would just make the game a single level. The size of the game itself is basically what we need to build to tell the story. Todd Hollenshead of id Software talks out on Doom III Ferrago: Finally, any word on the games possible release date? TH: We hope to be able to have the game done sometime next year. Ferrago: Thanks for your time, Todd, best of luck with the continued development.
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