Hideki Kamiya discusses Bayonetta

Veteran designer shows off his latest creation

We were more than a bit impressed by Bayonetta when it was shown to us behind closed doors at E3, and wanting to peer a little closer at this new game from Hideki Kamiya (than man behind Okami and Devil May Cry) we sat down for a few words with the veteran game designer himself.

What does Bayonetta learn from the Devil May Cry series?

Bayonetta is very much a progression of all the games I've made so far, not just Devil May Cry, but also titles like Okami and Viewtiful Joe. All my experience has been used to make Bayonetta, and our aim is to create something completely new and redefine the 3D action genre. I don't mind Bayonetta being compared to DMC as I'm very proud of what we achieved on DMC.

MADWORLD went down well on the Wii, why is this game targeting the Xbox 360 and PS3 instead?

From the very beginning we knew that Bayonetta was going to be a console title on Xbox 360 and PS3. In Bayonetta, to create the final game we looked at lots of different scenarios so we have plenty of ideas and scope for any future games on all platforms. Our focus is on making Bayonetta successful and obviously we're aiming for the game to do very well and allow us to get cracking on a sequel. I really love the game world of Bayonetta so I'd be delighted to work again with her.

Where did the game's story come from?

Our influence for the story and for the look of the game came from lots of different things, from films, books and movies, and from architecture for some of our gameworlds. We're always on the lookout for fresh ideas for all parts of our games, from character design to gameplay mechanics. With Bayonetta we wanted to go very big, and to create something that gamers hadn't seen before and we hope that gamers will think we've done a good job when they play the game.

How will weaponry work in Bayonetta?

You collect the weapons one by one as you advance in the game. Each weapon has both positives and negatives so a weapon that you get later in the game does not necessarily mean that it is a stronger weapon than ones you get earlier in the game.

All the weapons have their own characteristics. For example, one weapon has less power but is capable of quick moves, and the other weapon is great for the melee attack but not useful to the long range attack etc... So first you choose a weapon that is good for you and improve your techniques on the way. And of course, there are many types of enemies, so you can have to change weapons to suit the battle situation.

Each weapon has different performances like a "Hand Weapon", "Foot Weapon" and "Hand & Foot Dual-Use Weapon". This means you can search for the best combination for you. After you have mastered one style, you can try new styles to discover a brand new gameplay experience. As to how many different kinds of weapon are in the game, I just wanna say there's plenty to get stuck into!

Do you worry about the future of next-gen games in Japan?

Not at all, I think that Japan has a great future in next-gen gaming. I think that as part of their business Japanese developers should look to have titles that will appeal to a global gaming public so they can tap into the Western audience.

Is Bayonetta the beginning of a new series?

Of course we'd love for Bayonetta to be a successful franchise with lots of sequels and potentially if we will have the opportunity you could potentially see Bayonetta on handheld consoles. Our focus just now is making sure that this game is the best it can possibly be. We're confident we will succeed and that this won't be the last you see of Bayonetta....

Lastly, what is the killer feature you believe will help sell Bayonetta to gamers concerned about the title's new IP status?

There are many things in Bayonetta like the graphics and enemy and combat design that will make this game stand out against any other 3rd person action game. But among these things I would like to especially point out the controllability of the game. I believe that controllability is the lifeline that connects the game character onscreen to the player. We feel that we've really created a control scheme that will completely absorb the player into the game and the character of Bayonetta. I think this is what will make this game stand out as a new IP.

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