EA on Battlefield 1943

Gordon Van Dyke takes us back to the Pacific

The Battlefield series was once a PC multiplayer stalwart, and is still held in high regard. DICE's seminal 1942 original also helped spearhead the WWII sub-genre, and despite recent forays elsewhere, the developer are returning to their roots with Battlefield 1943. We sat down with Gordon Van Dyke, Associate Producer of the new title to find out more on this renaissance.

Battlefield 1943 takes players back to WII-gaming past; what was the thinking behind the re-emergence of this location?

The Battlefield series started with the WWII era and everyone at DICE still really loves Battlefield 1942 so, it was a natural choice really. EA on Battlefield 1943

We hear new technology will be used to spruce up Battlefield's gameplay - what role will this play, beyond the purely aesthetic?

You heard correct, we are very excited to make this new Battlefield game on the same engine Battlefield: Bad Company used - the Frostbite Engine. It has offered so many new things beyond just aesthetics, but the most notable to players will be the destruction that takes place on the battlefield and the improved physics system.

Battlefield 1943 will be all about the multiplayer action, how have you refined the experience, and how have gameplay and controls been adapted for the consoles?

Battlefield 1943 will be a multiplayer only game that is designed from the ground-up with the key elements of Battlefield to bring an accessible and action packed Battlefield game from the moment a player spawns in. As for the controls, DICE has a lot of experience designing PC and Console layouts, so they will stay tailored for the version you buy and no sacrifices will be made between them.

What role will environments play in the heat of battle, and how do you bring famous battlegrounds like Iwo Jima to life?

With the destruction technology from the Frostbite Engine, a wall to a building is now only a temporary hiding place, a jungle of trees no longer stops a tank from chasing you through it, bunkers make for a strategic hiding place, a bridge can be blown out from under you, and a fence can be smashed through as you make a high speed dash to your next objective, making Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal a new experience every time you play it.

How do you blend elements of realism, with fast-paced action in the new game?

This is always a challenge, but our biggest goal is fun and Battlefield 1943 nails that! What we looked at closely for the element of realism was the look of a player’s environment; vehicles, weapons, and atmosphere to help create a believable world. For the fast-paced action we give players the tools and the sandbox world to create their pace and be the player they want!

Can console players and PC players compete against one another?

No, mainly for reasons of technology limitations and the balance issues it can cause.

Twenty-four player battles must be a frenetic affair, how does 1943 engender team work?

Battlefield has always been about team work, you win as a team and you lose as a team. What is specific to Battlefield 1943 that others didn’t have is the new Frontlines spawn system that helps keep players spawning in with their team making it quicker and easier to support your team’s goals.

Thanks for speaking with us, Gordon.

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