Wii Competition

Win unique Let's Tap art from Sega

From the fair pen of Yuji Naka himself

Let's Tap launches across Europe today, and to celebrate this new collection of inventive mini-games from Yuji Naka, we've teamed up with publisher Sega to give you the chance to win some Let's Tap goodies.

What we're offering isn't the usual copy of the game / T-shirt combination either (well, not to everyone), as we've also a piece of hand-drawn Yuji Naka artwork to dish out to one lucky first prize winner. This site is the only place you'll be able to bag this picture in Europe, and we reckon this is the best of the lot (see the penguin for more information).

Of course, only one gamer will bag this picture, but never fear as we've three very special Sega goodie bags to give away to runners-up.

This from Sega on Naka-san's new opus: "Blazing new ground in the Nintendo Wii control design allows Let's Tap players to simply tap their fingers on the Wii remote, giving hours of simple unadulterated fun." So there we go. The game is crafted by Naka's Prope studio.

Please enter using the form below, and remember, Let's Tap hits the Wii console from today. Time to get tapping...

Question: Who is the developer of Let's Tap?

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