Win House of The Dead 3 and a MadCatz Blaster!

Sega treat you lucky chaps to goodies once again.

Ferrago have teamed-up with Sega once again, this time concerning House of the Dead 3 on the Xbox. As well as the opportunity to bag a free copy of the action-packed arcade game for Microsoft's console, you've also got the chance to win a MadCatz Blaster light gun, the top-selling Xbox gun accessory in the USA.

We're assured that the MadCatz Blaster is the way to enjoy House of the Dead 3, and the fact that Microsoft and Sega were involved in the development is testament to this. The gun features a number of modes that should come in handy whilst playing the game, as well as being incredibly accurate.

Onto the game now, which was released last month and features all manner of action-packed post-apocalyptic shootery. So if you fancy grabbing this fun double-act, simply fill in the form below for the chance, and we'll let the lucky winner know:

Sorry! The competition has closed!

As always, our competition processing super-computer knows more about you than your Mum (and indeed your Nan), so don't try and fool it with multiple entries. Thanks!

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