Odd lawsuit attacks Apple, and Sarah Jessica Parker

iPhone and iPod cases loom

Apple are currently doing battle with two rather odd lawsuits, including one from an artist who believes he invented the iPod and iPhone names back in the 1980s, before having the name nabbed by Apple and - seriously - Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.

President and chief product design engineer Franz A. Wakefield says he won a local arts competition in 1989, and was honoured at the time by a congressman alongside actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking with the congressman, Wakefield's suit alleges he disclose "trade secrets", concepts for the iPod, iPhone and iTunes.

Wakefield believes he made a deal with Parker to split revenues for his ideas, while he also says he requested the FBI 'watch over him' and Parker to ensure the security of his inventions.

For more detail on this, quite incredible case, and another bizarre lawsuit involving Apple, head over to AppleInsider.

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