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State Of Free-to-play: Dragon's Prophet

Time to chase the dragon... Literally

It's that time of the week again. Here's our look at what's going on in the world of free-to-play games that could make your weekend just that little bit more interesting.

Dragon's Prophet is a game that is all about the dragons. When we went over to Berlin to have a first look at the game earlier this year it was pretty clear that this was one for the dragon fans out there.

But, it's not about just riding dragons. It's about looking for new dragon, chasing them and taming them and then going out on adventures with your newly-tamed scaly chums. State Of Free-to-play: Dragon's Prophet

There are over 300 different dragons in the game and each one is far more than just another mount to be summoned when you want to get somewhere fast. Each dragon has a unique skillset that can he used to complement your own in battle whether that be PvE or PvP and to overcome obstacles in quests.

RuneWaker has been very careful in the way that they have designed Dragon's Prophet. Dragon's are key to the player's success within the game. Knowing which dragon to summon at the right moment will be the difference between success and failure in quests. For players that enjoy roaming MMOs solo, the dragons are the added weight during a dungeon quest that will tip the balance in favour of the player.

There's so many different ways that dragons can be used and players can have several at their disposal at any one time. They can be used as mounts and flying around the various regions Auratia can be quite fun given the game is built around DX10 and DX11 visual standards.

It may seem like a lot of Dragon's Prophet is focused on the dragons and they do play a prominent role in the game but there are other interesting features that you may not see elsewhere. State Of Free-to-play: Dragon's Prophet

The gameplay is very action-oriented and it plays very much like Diablo III does in combat but with the addition of combos. Abilities can be linked together in powerful combos for additional effects whether that be added damage of quicker attacks.

There is also a very large PvP element to the game which offers cross-server play – a rare feature in MMO gameplay. Players can claim regions of their own in the Frontier region of floating islands known as the Sky Islands. Join or form a guild, claim your own lands, build yor own home, even a castle and defend it against other clans in mighty battles.

RuneWaker has built three systems to govern the Sky Islands – the Citadel System which covers the attack and defence of islands, the Highlord System which covers governing and maintaining an island and the Housing System which covers the player housing on the individual islands.

This makes for quite a deep and rewarding PvP experience unique to Dragon's Prophet and it's an experience well worth checking out if you are a fan of PvP elements of MMOs. State Of Free-to-play: Dragon's Prophet

It may be all well and good to talk about what you can do in Dragon's Prophet but why is it worth having a look at the game this weekend?

RuneWaker has just added a brand new Dragon Compendium to the game for players to look up and keep track of their dragons. To celebrate the occasion they are holding a double XP weekend. Along with the double XP they're holding a Crazy Gacha Weekend event as well to aid in the pursuit of more powerful dragons. To go along with the double XP weekend they're also having some special deals on the in-game store.

All in all, it's quite a good time to have a look at Dragon's Prophet. You can sign up and download the client over on the offical website. Happy dragon hunting.