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Xbox One: What to play

Here's our favourites from the Xbox One launch line-up

The launch slate for the Xbox One is slightly smaller that the PS4's but it is still populated with a few games worth playing.

Here we'll wade through it and identify a few gems for you to fire into what you unbox your Xbox One on Friday.

The Full Next-Gen Experience: Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One: What to play

It kind of goes without saying that Xbox One gamers need to play Forza Motorsport 5. For one, it is the only game that will run on the Xbox One in 1080p at 60fps. This means that it is the game to play if you want to see the full potential of Microsoft's new console.

It also has some nifty new cloud-features which could change the way a games use AI to create opponents. It models other Forza 5 players performances in the game and creates a Drivavatar for each and every player which is then used as opponents in single-player races instead of the standard AI.

It's a great way to show the possible applications of the Xbox One's 300,000-server strong cloud and is much more valuable in the long-term than a couple of extra pixels.

Sandbox: Dead Rising 3 Xbox One: What to play

Much has been made of the Xbox One's inability to make that 1080p visual high tide mark and Dead Rising doesn't aim that highly at all.

What Capcom Vancouver has decided to do is create an open world game which runs at 60fps in 720p – something that has never been done before. The extra headroom left by the reduced pixel count also allows for more zombies on the screen adding to the depth of the zombie-survival experience.

It's also absolutely ridiculous, especially when it comes down to the kind of weapons that can be crafted. If you thought that some of the weapons in Dead Rising 2 were crazy just wait until you dive into Dead Rising 3.

Action: Ryse: Son Of Rome Xbox One: What to play

To all intents and purposes this may seem like a bog-standard epic action game with the good old-fashioned QTE's that plagued the previous console generation.

There is one thing that sets this game aside though and that is that it is being developed by the visual maestros at Crytek using their immensely powerful CryEngine. It may only run in 900p but the depth and detail that with feature in Ryse will be second-to-none.

They've also proven time and again with the Crysis series that they know what it takes to make a truly epic action game set piece. Remember, these guys dropped a skyscraper on gamers well before DICE or Infinity Ward had the idea to and in the centre of Manhattan no less.

Online Shooter And Sports Picks Xbox One: What to play

My picks for these are exactly the same as the PS4's.

NBA 2K14 for me is the sports title to own at launch. Combining the excellent depth and gamplay mechanics of the current-gen versions of the game with absolutely staggering visual fidelity is pushes FIFA, Madden and NBA Live 14 well out of contention.

I've played both Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One. CoD may edge it in pace and brand loyalty but Battlefield 4 is just a better more well-rounded experience. The Conquest maps are simply superb when played with 64 players and Xbox Live is always a joy to play multiplayer on.

Battlefield 4 also has the benefits of the Frostbite 3 engine being designed for next-gen as opposed to CoD: Ghosts which is built on an upgraded version of the same creaking game engine that was used to build Xbox 360 launch title Call Of Duty 2. Xbox One: What to play

The final argument here is that Battlefield 4 is a game that has been built to give players two years of play, not just one. I rest my case.

Notable Mentions

Microsoft aren't dipping their toes into free-to-play half as well as Sony are by they have brought back one of their most-asked-for franchises to experiment with the model.

Killer Instinct comes back with the Xbox One and is free to download. The free version is fully playable and comes with one character to get you started. Additional characters can be bought individually or the whole planned roster can be picked up with the Season Pass. Xbox One: What to play

It's maybe not the return you'd quite have wanted for Rare's excellent brawler series but it looks great and plays with the kind of pace you'd expect from the series.

Then there's Crimson Dragon. This is another exclusive title and, quite frankly probably the most interesting Xbox One launch title from a core gaming perspective.

It is the spiritual successor to the now legendary SEGA Saturn launch title Panzer Dragoon. It's blend of bright, colourful and fast arcade shooting and dragons should push all the right buttons in gamers everywhere.

Oh yeah, and don't forget Just Dance 2014. Dancing games have never been better to play than they have been on Kinect and with the new hardware behind Kinect 2.0 this will be a highlight for family-oriented fun over the festive season.

The Xbox One is due to launch in 13 territories across the world from Canada and the US to the UK, France and Germany on Friday, November the 22nd.