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October 09 iPhone Picks

Doom, Championship Manager and more

Its a somewhat eclectic mix of games for our first monthly iPhone games round-up. Covering remakes of old classics, frivolous cheap thrills and even the ability to be a rock star on your iPhone or iPod Touch, there's certainly plenty to try out from this October. To start things off, we come to a game more addictive than crack if you're a football fan.

Championship Manager 2010 (2.99 GBP)

Odds are if you're a football fan and a gamer, you've probably tried a football management game and with good reason. The likes of Football Manager and Championship Manager enable you to lead your favourite side to victory all thanks to your supreme tactics. So it's excellent news to finally see a good football management game available to play on the move, in the guise of Championship Manager 2010. With up to date transfer data from the Summer transfer window and the ability to play alongside real managers, the deal just gets better and better. There's also a 2D match engine, which may be slightly reminiscent of the Amiga days of gaming but works admirably on the iPhone by providing enough detail to see what's going on. For a mere 2.99 GBP it really is a no brainer for the iPhone owning football fan. It'll make your commute go like a breeze!

Doodle Jump (0.59 GBP)

A game that promises on its iTunes app page that it's worth getting dumped for must surely be something a little special. Doodle Jump is certainly that, bringing brief addictive spells to the level that Flight Control once commanded. Doodle Jump is ridiculously simple, as so many great games are. Using tilt controls you navigate the Doodler, a small ship which must traverse a sheet of graph paper while avoiding black holes and various enemies. The real beauty comes from the knowledge that the game is frequently updated. Recently a Halloween Easter Egg was added allowing the Doodler to turn into a ghost, as well as a trampoline being added. With extremely smooth and accurate tilt controls, Doodle Jump is simple, unadulterated fun and at 59p it's certainly worth a download.

Doom Classic (3.99 GBP)

Returning to an old classic can sometimes be a dangerous move. The realisation that a great game from 20 years ago hasn't aged very well is always a sad event. However fortunately this isn't the case with id Software's release of Doom Classic on the iPhone. It might take a little while to adjust to the virtual d-pad touch controls but once you've mastered them, this is pure good old fashioned Doom. With all 36 missions available to play as well as co-operative and competitive multiplayer, nothing's missing from this fantastic adaptation of Doom. Its a stunning walk down blood-filled memory lane.

Earthworm Jim (2.99 GBP)

From one youthful memory to another, we come to Earthworm Jim. Who could resist the mutated worm that saved the world from Psy-Crow and Queen Slug-For-A-Butt back in the 1990s? The iPhone version suffers slightly from a virtual d-pad that fills nearly half the screen but despite that it is still terrific fun. Earthworm Jim has always had a quirky sense of humour and this is perfectly shown here. The controls work well with swinging from platform to platform being quite simple to do and the graphics and sound upgrades are subtle but wholly appropriate for such a remake.

Nick Chase: A Detective Story (2.99 GBP)

For the more cerebral gamer Nick Chase: A Detective Story is more a film noir graphical novel than out and out game. If you've played a Hidden Object game before, this may be familiar. Much of the sections require you to pick out various objects in a scene, as well as solve various puzzles throughout the storyline's progression. It's perhaps a little short but that arguably just demonstrates how enjoyable it is when I felt disappointed it was over. If you fancy a change from the usual remakes or Match 3 Puzzlers on the iPhone, this is well worth a look.

QuizQuizQuiz (1.19 GBP)

Its another cerebral game but of a lighter sort, QuizQuizQuiz is a pub quiz game in your pocket. The great thing about QuizQuizQuiz is unlike other quiz games, you can set it according to your country. This means that UK gamers won't be stuck answering questions on Australian Rules football, while US gamers don't have questions on Eastenders inflicted upon them. There are thousands of questions on offer ranging from typical categories such as Sport and Movies, to the more obscure 'Bearded people' category. It ensures QuizQuizQuiz never loses its sense of humour while still being a challenge. There's also a good online community for it meaning there's plenty of competition to be had when it comes to high score beating.

Rally Master Pro (2.99 GBP)

Looking more at home on a console thanks to its surprisingly good graphics on a phone, Rally Master Pro finally offers a great rallying experience for gamers on the move. With extremely customisable controls, 27 different tracks, weather simulation and a full 3D damage model, it's surprising that Rally Master Pro can pack so much into its 32mb size. It even offers a full career mode as well as time trial options. It might be the only Rally game on the iPhone, but it'll still take a lot to knock Rally Master Pro from its spot as top Rally game.

Rock Band (5.99 GBP)

Available on almost every other system, it was only a matter of time until we saw Rock Band on the iPhone. Fortunately this adaptation is a terrific conversion although perhaps one to download in advance of your commute considering its hefty 160mb size. You all know the format of Rock Band: play your favourite songs by tapping the buttons in rhythm to the music playing. In the case of Rock Band iPhone, your finger is your instrument and its reasonably accurate too. Offering 20 different songs, there's plenty to do for the rocker in you, not forgetting the Bluetooth multiplayer that's available for up to 4 players. Rock Band might not be perfect with some occasional inaccuracies while playing but it's certainly excellent fun and ideal for those wanting something more party game-like in nature for their iPhone.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (5.99 GBP)

Finally we come to a game that may be a slightly acquired taste for some but is well worth a look for historical strategy fans. Romance of the Three Kingdoms may sound very familiar to fans of Koei's previous work such as Dynasty Warriors as it's based on the same periods of Chinese history. It is certainly one for those who want a slow burning strategy game as it does take a while to get into. Thanks to the in-game tutorial though, it's not hard to get hooked to and there are plenty of scenarios to throw yourself into, notably four of them being based on historical periods. It may not be everyone's cup of tea or as accessible as the other titles listed here, but it's nice to see such variety on the App Store and to see more intelligent offerings amongst the wealth of mini games.

This is our pick of the bunch for iPhone games released in October, what are your favourites of the month?

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