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The best of the iPhone: 2.99 GBP to 5.99 GBP

Jen delivers her higher-priced picks

Following on from our previous piece on the best of the iPhone, games priced under 2.50 GBP, we come to the more expensive titles - all priced between 2.99 GBP and 5.99 GBP.

Arkanoid (2.99 GBP)

Its a game that has been around for the past few decades, but Arkanoid is a true arcade classic in every sense of the word. The premise is simple: guide your spaceship (a bat) from side to side, bouncing a ball skywards to clear the blocks ahead of you. Clear all the blocks and the game moves onto the next level which is typically a slightly more complicated scenario. Its a simple concept and wonderfully addictive. The iPhone version offers branching level progression eventually providing over 100 stages to traverse. Its the sort of game that you will easily find yourself returning to time and time again.

Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered (2.99 GBP)

Another classic from a bygone era, Beneath a Steel Sky was a revolutionary piece of adventure gaming upon its original release in 1994. A futuristic and distinctly depressing storyline, it was a compelling point and click adventure which stuck in the minds of all who played it. The remastered iPhone adaptation offers re-sampled voices and music as well as improved comic strip introductions, but most of it all offers an extremely enjoyable piece of point and click gaming. It might not be for those of you who prefer fast-paced action, but for the more cerebral gamer, this is fantastic value for money with over 10 hours of gameplay available at a mere 2.99 GBP.

Madden NFL 10 (5.99 GBP)

Playing an American football game on an iPhone might not sound like the most intuitive of experiences, but EA have demonstrated just how well it can work with admirable style. Even for those of you who couldn't tell their quarterback from their linebacker, Madden NFL 10 is tremendous fun. The touch screen controls of the game work perfectly and offering a full season mode is an inspired choice ensuring that there is plenty of longevity to the title. It's a game that gives us a glimpse of just how much potential the iPhone has as a serious gaming platform.

Peggle (2.99 GBP)

Much like Bejewelled 2, it would be surprising to find a gamer that has yet to experience the delights of Peggle. However if you are one of those rare people, or you simply adore the peg-busting fun of Peggle then this iPhone conversion is perfect. It might sound like the type of game you would only ever play a handful of times but there really is something satisfying about clearing a level with the bare minimum of balls and achieving the best high score. Offering 55 levels and 40 challenges, there is plenty to sink your teeth into making it the ideal game to drop in and out of while on your daily commute.

Puzzle Quest (2.99 GBP)

When first taking a glance at Puzzle Quest, it looks like a blatant Bejewelled 2 clone. That is until you notice the various spells to the left of the jewel screen. Puzzle Quest is actually an RPG in disguise. Following a storyline, you are tasked with defeating an array of monsters and enemies as you progress further into the game. As things go on, you can level up, learn new spells and find new items all to help you in your quest. With the combat being surprisingly deep, with various well planned strategies required at times, Puzzle Quest is brilliant fun for RPG and puzzle fans alike.

Rolando 2 (3.49 GBP)

Rolando 2 is regarded as one of the true successes in the iPhone gaming world and there's good reason for that: it is fantastic fun. Using the accelerometer to its full advantage, Rolando 2 is a great puzzle-platformer that combines action and physics in its implementation. That's not to say it's easy, many of its 45 levels are challenging but the title is rarely unforgivingly so. If you can buy only one iPhone game, this should be it.

Secret of Monkey Island (4.99 GBP)

Yes, its another point and click adventure but The Secret of Monkey Island is a whole different beast compared to Beneath a Steel Sky. Monkey Island is a much lighter game, storyline-wise. Rather than focusing on a grim futuristic world, Monkey Island provides humour by the bucketload. The writing is incomparable and remains fantastically memorable, with puzzles being challenging yet never illogical. For fans of the series in particular, this is a must have thanks to the visual upgrades and of course the portability of playing it on your iPhone.

SimCity (2.99 GBP)

When it was first announced for the iPhone, I did wonder just how well SimCity would work considering just how detailed it can become. Admittedly upon initial release, it certainly suffered badly from numerous crashes and oddities, but since then great improvements have been made to ensure that this classic city building sim works well on the move. Providing a near full experience, megalomaniac city rulers will adore this.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (2.99 GBP)

Taito already feature in this list once thanks to the great conversion of Arkanoid, and they've done it again with this classic re-imagining of Space Invaders. Offering a true evolution of the shoot em 'up action genre, Infinity Gene is fantastic fun. With 38 stages available, there is plenty to do and rather than being restricted to the old fashioned Space Invaders method, this one is more of a vertical scroller making the action much more intense. As the game progresses, the evolution system opens up and more weapons and abilities make this a great game to return to repeatedly.

Warfare Incorporated (2.99 GBP)

The RTS genre is a platform that hasn't been fully tapped by the App Store just yet, but Warfare Incorporated is a hidden gem of an RTS that is perfect for the commander in you. Offering 41 single and multi-player missions as well as a huge wealth of add-on maps, there is plenty do in Warfare Incorporated with even a comprehensive online multiplayer mode thrown in. Tack on the PC based mission editor, and Warfare Incorporated positively oozes replayability for the RTS fan.

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