PS4 Article

PS4: What to play

We give you a rundown of some of the highlights of the PS4 launch titles

The PS4 has almost arrived. In fact US gamers will be getting their hands on the console this week and so for those still unsure about which of the launch games to play we thought we'd give you a helping hand.

There's plenty of options for all kinds of players whether you're on a budget or you're looking for the ultimate next-gen gaming experience so we've lined up a few titles that should get your gaming juices flowing.

The full next-gen experience: Killzone: Shadow Fall
However you feel about FPS games Killzone: Shadow Fall has plenty of promise. PS4: What to play

Guerilla games has created the ultimate visual experience pushing the PS4 as far as they can given the current state of optimization. It runs in full 1080p at 60fps. This is the next generation and it is the one game that will show just what the PS4 is capable in terms of gameplay.

With Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerilla has pushed more than just the visuals. They've stretched the capabilities in terms of enemy AI and the sheer number of opponents that will appear at any one time. Prepare to be outnumbered and outgunned by the Helghast as you fight your way through the game.

On Guerilla's current form this should be a decent FPS experience as well. Killzone: Mercenary has already proven to be a highlight of this year's crop of PS Vita games and hopefully they have put the same care into crafting Killzone: Shadow Fall. Needless to say there's high hopes for this one.

Sandbox: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PS4: What to play

There's not much options in the sandbox department but Assassin's Creed IV has more than enough sand to fill the space until inFamous: Second Son and Watch Dogs arrive next year. Explore a massive swathe of the Caribbean and plunder to your hearts content in what is one of the most sumptuous cross-generation titles that will be released in the launch window. 

Plus, with a hour's worth of extra content available exclusively to PS3 and PS4 gamers there's no real reason to avoid ACIV.

Sports: NBA 2K14
There's a plethora of sports titles out, most of them coming from EA Sports powered by their new Ignite game engine.

While this is an impressive feat of technology it's 2K's NBA franchise that looks like it will be the jewel in the launch line-up. PS4: What to play

The current-gen version is tough but it's also an extremely deep and compelling game. Couple the excellent gameplay with the most stunning visuals of any next-gen sports game and NBA 2K14 is clearly the winner for sports fans.

Online shooter: Battlefield 4
Yes, Killzone: Shadow Fall has multiplayer and yes, Call Of Duty: Ghosts is out as a launch title for the PS4 but Battlefield 4 is proving to be the most interesting multiplayer experience for the next-gen.

Battlefield 4 has already proven itself an excellent multiplayer experience on the current-gen despite the larger Conquest mode maps feeling a tad empty with only 32 players battling across them.

With the added visual punch (the PS4 version runs in 900p) and the multiplayer map limit boosted to 64 players the next-gen version of Battlefield 4 is the definitive version of the game. PS4: What to play

Next-gen version also get the China Rising DLC free from day one as an added bonus for military FPS fans.

Indie: Sound Shapes
This one may have come through Sony's Santa Monica Studios but the original PS3/PS Vita title was made by Toronto innovators Queasy Games.

It's a fantastic mix of music, platform gaming a content creation and it already has a vibrant community of level-builders providing a wealth of new content on tap.

This is a Cross-Buy title so, if you already have it on PS3 or Vita then you'll own it on PS4 so there's no reason not to give it a shot. PS4: What to play

Honourable mentions: Free-to-play/PS Plus
The PS4 also has three free-to-play titles ready to download at launch as well as two games, Housemarque's new shooter Resogun and innovative indie platformer Contrast available for free through the PS Plus subscription.

On the free to play side there's Zombie Studios futuristic military shooter Blacklight: Retribution. It's fast and well-paced and has already gained some notoriety on the PC. It's definitely well worth a look.

Then there's Digital Extremes' Warframe. This is also an online shooter but this one casts players as a mechanised space ninja. What more could you want? SPACE NINJAS!

Finally there's Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online. They've just given the game a complete visual overhaul in preparation for the game's launch on the PS4. PS4: What to play

PS4 players and PS3 players share the same server and, with the ability to transfer your characters from the PS4 game this is definitely a good shout whether you're an existing player or looking for something new it's well worth a shot.

All in all the PS4 is launching tomorrow (November 15th) in the US and on November the 29th in the UK and Europe with 23 titles so there's plenty of choice to get you started. Happy PS4 gaming.